Aura Colors

What is Aura?

The aura is an envelope of non-physical energies, which is present in case of every individual atom this planet. It is something that is present not just as a halo around a person’s head, but extend all around their body to encompass them from every angle. This aura is a mixture of variety of non-physical energies, which are present as different levels inside the auric field of an individual. The different levels present in the aura of a person starts from the physical level consisting of all the organs in the physical body, while the emotional, mental, spiritual, and the astral bodies form the subsequent layers. Thus, the answer to the question regarding what is an aura is that it is combination of the various subtle bodies that come together to form the auric field around a person.

The size of the aura varies from one person to another, and it can change its color and shape depending upon the thoughts and emotions of that person, as well as, those they are interacting with, since lots of energy moves through the auric field during such interactions. Thus, gaining a better understanding of what is an aura can help in making sure it stays in good health, and this is possible through lots of positive interactions and cutting down on negative energy vibes.



What does the Aura look like?

What the Aura Looks Like:
The auric field of a person tends to be oval in shape and static in nature, as well as, extending around a person, as per the most common perception of auras. However, it might be quite difficult to define ‘what is my aura’ or its appearance from such observations because most people are only able to perceive it as a bright or glossy area around a person, and not necessarily its finer aspects. However, clairvoyance can enable an individual to experience and observe such finer details of an aura, which includes various aspects such as its present color, as well as, the sort of interactions the particular auric field is experiencing with its surroundings. Observations that register the activities in the outer layer of the aura can help in establishing whether a particular aura is experiencing any connection with other entities in the vicinity, both physical and non-physical in nature. Learn the exercise to view your aura >HERE<



Aura Colors Meanings:

If you know the color of your aura, then you can read about what is means below:


Red Aura Meaning

Red Aura:

The red aura color meanings indicate that individuals possessing this color in their auric field tend to be extremely energetic and enthusiastic in nature, along with the penchant for adventurous experiences. They are fond of trying everything at least once in their lifetimes, and this includes experimenting with food, clothes, places, and even partners. They also tend to be extremely short-tempered, which along with their inclination for being adventurous can land them in trouble. These individuals possess robust physical and mental strength, and are suitable for being champion athletes. Finally, they possess an insatiable hunger for becoming the best in their field. (Read more about: Red Aura)


Yellow Aura Meaning

Yellow Aura:

Yellow aura color meanings reveal that individuals possessing this color in their auric fields possess the talent and ability to excel in their careers, which ranges for being excellent scientists and inventors, to those involving teaching and mentoring. This is primarily because of the logical, analytical, and intelligent mind that these individuals possess. However, they are also vulnerable to mental breakdowns such as depression, or turn workaholics and neglect relationships in the process. They need to make most of their excellent communication skills, to send their message across & inspire huge crowds. They also stay ahead of the pack with their unorthodox thinking, original ideas, & keen intellect.


Blue Aura Meaning

Blue Aura:

The blue color is among the aura colors that exert an overwhelmingly positive influence upon the individuals concerned, with this color being almost synonymous with strong and bold personalities. Individuals possessing this color in their auric field tend to be highly effective in motivating others, and taking up the role of an organizer as well. They possess a keen balance between the heart and the head, which enables them to make astute decisions. Moreover, these individuals are usually extremely skillful in expressing their thoughts and communicating with others. They are workaholics by nature, which often lead them to neglecting relationships. (Read more about: Blue Aura)


Green Aura Meaning

Green Aura:

The green aura colors are often associated with people who are extremely hard working by nature, but also with a highly active creative side present in them. Even though these people have an astute sense of beauty, they are fond of expressing their creative skills in a practical way, which often consists of cooking, gardening, and home decoration. Moreover, they possess a level head and dislike for fanciful dreams, which makes them suitable for achieving big success in business. These individuals tend to be highly conscious about their health and averse to making rash mistakes. They also choose their friends with care, but are generous with the ones they choose.


Orange Aura Meaning

Orange Aura:

Orange aura color meanings reveal that people possessing this color in their auric field tend to be highly generous, with a social soul that makes them extremely fond of the company of others and their attention. These people possess a unique sensitive nature, which forms part of their charm, and makes them so very endearing to others. However, these individuals can be quite short-tempered, even though they do not hold grudges and forgive anyone presenting a sincere apology. These individuals tend to lead extremely happy and successful lives, even though they need to check their rash nature to ensure success.


Pink Aura Meaning

Pink Aura:

The pink aura colors is usually present in individuals with an extremely loving and giving nature, along with an inclination towards spreading love and receiving affections from others as well. These individuals tend to be highly social, and fond of gathering all their family and friends around them at every opportunity. Moreover, they are highly conscious about their health, and possess a psychic side to their character as well. These individuals are usually highly romantic in nature, and are capable of remaining faithful to their soul mates for their entire lifetimes. Finally, they possess an iron will and expect nothing less from others.


Purple Aura Meaning

Purple Aura:

The purple aura colors indicate that it is present in people with highly sensitive nature, and the ability to be attuned to the moods and emotions of others, along with psychic abilities. These people possess an intuitive mind, along with an inquisitive nature, which makes them interesting and knowledgeable as an individual. They tend to believe in quality rather than quantity when it comes to having friends, but the friends they keep tend to admire, respect and love them. These people are also fond of taking care of stray animals, and any living being in general because of their sensitive demeanor.


Gold Aura Meaning

Gold Aura:

People with the gold color in their auric field tend to possess an extremely well developed flair for art and creativity, as well as, a marked inclination for all things beautiful in life.  The gold color aura meanings show fondness of being the center of attention in its social circle, as well as, enjoying and experiencing all the finer aspects of life. These people exudes a lot of charm and charisma, which makes them all the more attractive to the people in their vicinity. However, they can often become exceedingly lavish, and unable to stand any criticism, which makes them vulnerable to flattery. (Read more about: Gold Aura)


Silver Aura Meaning

Silver Aura:

The silver aura colors are present in individuals who tend to be exceptionally gifted, but the manners in which they make use of their gifts tend to constitute their life lesson. These individuals are highly intuitive and sensitive in nature, along with exceptional psychic abilities. However, they often tend to utilize their psychic abilities in practical ways, which makes them suitable for mentoring and counseling others. They also possess keen intellect, and are capable of securing the best out of any situation in life. They seem to be extremely lucky because of the winning combination of good looks, charming personality, and plethora of talents they possess.


Brown Aura Meaning

Brown Aura:

The brown aura colors meanings depend upon the intensity of the brown shade present in the auric field of an individual. A lighter shade of brown usually is an indication of a person lacking in self-confidence, as well as, the ability to react in the present situation with a strong and decisive manner. On the other hand, a darker shade of brown indicates the presence of some negative character attributes in a person such as exceeding selfishness, a tendency to find fault in others, and even deceive others. This shade of aura colors are generally considered negative, and it often signifies the presence of an unhealthy obsession upon the material aspects of life.


Black Aura Meaning

Black Aura:

The black aura color has had historic connection with negativity, and presence of an auric field of this color is not a positive sign for the individual concerned. This aura color often serves as an indication of a possible presence of any major illness, including those affecting the mind such as depression. On the other hand, the black color can also serve as an indication of the presence of negative attributes in the character of a person, such as a weak and miserly nature. However, in extremely rare cases, this type of aura colors can also represent a protective screen or shield of energy.


White Aura Meaning

White Aura:

The white aura color meanings reveal that it is an indication of purity and newness, which makes it more likely to be present in individuals who are having profound spiritual experiences, and even becoming ready to ascend to a higher level. In fact, this color of aura has enjoyed historic connection with people having angelic attributes in them. The presence of this color indicates the absence of polluting aspects that results in darkening of the color of the auric field in any person. However, the presence of white sparkles in the aura colors an also be an indication of possible pregnancy.



Viewing Your Aura Colors

The auric field is something that is beyond the realm of the five physical senses, which makes it somewhat incredible to many to find it difficult to believe in something that they cannot sense. However, this auric field is not altogether impossible to visualize or sense in any other way, with clairvoyance being the most effective mean of viewing it. However, clairvoyance is not something that random individual experience on a daily basis, and this makes the concept of auric fields something of an enigma or pseudo-science to many skeptics. This is also because they may find it difficult to have a standard definition to the question regarding what is aura. However, those who have perceived the presence of a layer of energy present as an envelope, perceived it to resemble a bright white or milky white layer. Learn the technique to view your own aura >HERE<