Aura Test

Aura Test

Up for seeing your aura? Do the aura tests or aura color tests mentioned in this article to train your peripheral vision first.

It is never bad to know yourself a little more than necessary. How about getting to know the kind of vibe which you reciprocate to the universe? The color of your aura is one of the major parameters which help to understand the way others perceive your presence. The luminous emission circumscribing a person is known as an aura which is generally invisible. It basically reflects the color of one’s soul and the web of thoughts which surround them. But is it possible to determine this invisible hue and conclude on someone’s characteristics? Of course yes! Taking an aura quiz test will solve the entire puzzle and enlighten you about different people and their perspectives. Every aura color depicts salient features like spiritual, physical and mental health. The color itself, its appearance and intensity speaks a lot about such characteristics.

Aura is a pale/yellowish halo of energy that resonates from the physical bodies of every being, no matter it is an animal or plant. It is the very evidence of the existence of chakras in our bodies. However, as said, it can only be seen if we perform certain practices named as taking an aura test or aura color test.
The mechanism
We are generally not conditioned to see auras, let alone its colors. The fault does not lie in the eyes, but in the way we are brought up. During our upbringing, our central vision is concentrated on more nominal visions – what we see in our daily lives.
Therefore, to perceive auras, we have to use our peripheral vision, which again, needs practice.
Before we could go further and tell you the basic exercises you can perform to see auras and perfect your peripheral vision, let us tell you that the perception of it highly depends on the ability of your third eye chakra and its strength.
If you have an open Ajna chakra, you’ll be able to see auras more clearly and easily than those who don’t have that ability. However, what we are sure of is that you can see aura with effort if not with ease.

Here are the exercises we talked about:



Exercise 1 – Seeing your own aura:

You can see your own aura in your peripheral vision. Let’s learn about two exercises for that. Both of the exercises can help you see your aura, but be patient if the first go is not successful.


Seeing the auras around your hands:


  • For starters, try practicing this exercise in natural light that is not too bright or dim.

  • Dark environments are only advised after you master this technique.

  • The background for this exercise should be neutral. Any white wall or a clear sky will do.


Aura Visual Test



  • Sit down and relax.

  • Now stretch your arms at about 40-42 cm and point your index fingers towards each other.

  • Touch the index fingers by closely watching the center of connection.

  • Maintain the focus as you pull your fingers apart.

  • As you pull them, you’ll see a blue aura around your fingers and hands, which will connect once the fingers are joined and will separate ones they are separated.

  • Perform this exercise until you master it.

  • Once mastered, you can do it in dark environments where once again, you’ll see blue aura glowing around your fingers and hands.



Exercise 2 – Training Your Peripheral Vision:

A few gifted souls can immediately visualize the aura around people while most people are not blessed enough to do so. One way of examining the aura is that you can draw two circles of 1 inch radius, 2 inches away from one another, then color one red and the other blue. In between the circles place a black dot. Position this paper at a distance of 5 feet from you and concentrate on the black dot. Keep your concentration unperturbed and maintain this for around 30 to 50 seconds. With time you will be able to see the presence of another hue around the circles on the piece of paper. You will see that the colors will replace one another. Keep doing this until you pick on this exercise. Practice will help you see the auras instantaneously.

Aura Test - Exercise

Red auras represent energy, enthusiasm, adventurous mentality. Yellow auras typically describes intelligence, rationalistic thinking and people with this kind of auras are more prone to become workaholics. Pink auras generally illustrate a loving personality who can turn out to be very good hosts. People with blue auras tend to be more charismatic, intelligent and organized.



Exercise 3 – Visual Aura Test:



  • A large mirror is required. The mirror of your bathroom might suffice.

  • Your background should be neutral – a white wall.

  • You should wear neutral colored clothes. Anything from white to lit grey or beige should be worn.

  • Better yet, you could be naked.

Aura Test Mirror Exercise

To understand individual auras, it is very important to create the right ambience. To clearly distinguish between the vibrant colors of the auras, the background must be kept in neutral shades. A white backdrop suits the best for this purpose. To read the aura of your own self, you definitely require a mirror. A serene and peaceful environment is a must. To know the aura of yourself or anyone else, concentration and determination is very important. The peaceful environment requires harmonizing lighting as well. Softer lights are supposed to enhance the ambience and also help your eyes stay comfortable. No wonder, natural light is bets for this purpose.

While reading someone’s aura or yourselves, make sure the subject is dressed in lighter shades. When you are trying to read someone’s aura, focus one a tiny area. Make the forehead your focal point. When you are interested to know the color of your own aura, concentrate around your head or else position your eyes on the finger tips holding the paper. In such a case, the finger nails become your focal point. For the starters, only one color may become visible while others may see multiple hues.


  • Stand in front of that mirror and observe your stature. Make sure you’re standing upright.

  • Now focus on a point above your shoulders (10 cm above), but pay attention to your body in your peripheral vision.

  • Do not lose your focus until you see etheric energy radiating from your head or from your whole body. That energy is your aura.



Exercise 4 – Pranic energy of the sky:

The pranic or chi energy of the sky has sparked debates all these years. Science has another explanation for the dots seen in the sky. It deems the movement of white blood cells in the capillaries of the eyes responsible for what we see when we look at the sky. Just because we are looking at an immense array of white light entering our eyes, we see the reflection of that cells or other particles. It calls this phenomenon the blue field entopic phenomenon.
However, whatever it is, it still is one of the aura tests or aura colors tests used today to train the peripheral vision.


  • Make sure you perform this technique in the late afternoon when the sky is not very bright and neither it is dim.




  • Sit or lie down facing the sky.

  • Do not focus on one single point in the sky. Instead, let your gaze travel across your central visual field.

  • Pay close attention to your peripheral vision as you gaze.

  • After some time, you will see white or black dots swirl around in your peripheral vision.

  • Do not bring any dot in your central vision and only follow its path in your peripheral vision.

  • Once you do that, you’ll be able to track the individual path of a dot.



Practicing energy protection:

The above exercises should help you achieve a certain level of peripheral vision training to see auras. Upon practice, if you achieve the ease you are looking for, then you can most certainly see and even interact with other people’s aura.
As one of the many interactions that are done is for the healing purposes if you ever find yourself doing that, make sure you perform or practice energy protection. They are also called cleansing techniques and they can help you in fending off all the negative aspects of reading someone else’s aura. You’d want to be on the safe side, wouldn’t you?
With that, you are also advised to use your gift for the betterment of others and not harm. This is because aura reading has immense powers in rendering someone hope, but it can also cause havoc.

This is all about the basics of aura reading and training your peripheral vision, which is called aura test or aura color test together. Practice these exercises every once in a while and see the magical radiance of energy or chakra with your own eyes. To see the different colors of auras, you might need more practice than you usually do. Good luck!


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