Aura Cleansing & Healing

The auric field that extends all around every living being is vulnerable to accumulation of unwanted negative energy vibes, and this can have a harmful effect on the aura of any individual. Thus, it becomes essential that you learn how to cleanse your aura in order to get rid of all the impurities that are bound to interfere with the proper functioning of the auric field. Much like what would happen to our physical body if we go around for days and weeks without bathing, which will result in the proliferation of germs and diseases, your aura can suffer as well in the absence of regular cleansing ritual to keep it in the pink of health. Moreover, such an auric field will be liable to attracting negative vibes from the surroundings, which can serve as a major impediment in the path of physical and spiritual wellbeing of the person concerned. Thus, aura cleansing practices are something that every individual ought to be aware of to get rid of negative energies.



Most Effective Aura Cleansing Practices:

Aura cleansing techniques come in a wide variety of forms, and it is really up to the individual preferences to set one apart from the other. The cleansing methods that are available, range from meditative practices that aim to purify the auric field of the practitioners by infusing it with a surge of positive energy all the way to bathing rituals and other physical exercises to help in bolstering the functioning of the auric field. However, practitioners take caution to ensure they perform any of these aura cleansing processes in the correct manner to ensure the efficacy of these methods in cleansing their aura.



Aura Cleansing and Healing Processes:

Meditative practices and various other approaches can help in aura healing and cleansing that are aimed at ensuring that the aura of the practitioners become free of all the accumulated negative energies and other such impurities to render them in their purest form.



Visualizing the Auric Field:

One of the most effective meditative practices involves sitting quietly in a quiet place, free from all kinds of distractions, and then silently contemplating about the existence of one’s own aura. The trick lies in being able to visualize one’s aura and to be able to feel its presence, and then concentrating upon getting it rid of all the impurities plaguing it. This exercise can be even more effective if the practitioner is able to visualize a beam of white light moving all through the body, starting from the head and then flowing down the spine, and cleansing the aura in the process. Controlled breathing and a comfortable pose can make this exercise highly effective for cleansing your aura.



Surrounding Yourself with Positive Energy:

Auric field can become impure because of all the negative energies that are present everywhere, and any individual is susceptible to picking them up during the course of their everyday activities. Thus, it becomes essential that individuals are able to surround themselves with as much positive energy as they can manage, and this is possible only when they are able to spend a majority of their time in the midst of people with positive thoughts and intentions. In fact, following such an approach can mean the half the battle is won in your quest towards aura cleansing.



Cleansing of Negative Thoughts and Emotions:

If you have managed to shun the company of people bringing negativity to your life, and still finding it difficult to get your aura rid of all the negative energies, it might be time of self-introspection. Getting rid of negative thoughts might sound easier than it actually is, but presence of such negative emotions is likely to make any aura cleansing procedure largely ineffective. The trick lies in being able to focus on brighter and more positive aspects of life, and then allowing these positive thought to permeate through the body and into the auric field. This will help in making your auric field much more resilient to corruption by negative energies from the outside.



Creating a Protective Field:

This is another effective way of cleansing your aura and protecting it from further accumulation of impurities. This process involves visualizing of a protective bubble that serves as a connection with the divine energy, and thus is highly resilient to negative forces. The divine energy permeates through the auric field, and helps in setting up a protective field, which is extremely effective in filtering out all the negative forces that any individual encounters during their daily course. Individuals can also visualize their protective field as a mirror, which is capable of reflecting away all the negative energies, and provide much confidence to them.



Smudging or Cleansing Aura with Purifying Agents:

White sage is extremely effective smudging the auric field, and cleansing away any negative energy present in it. Another popular aura cleansing technique involves taking a shower in warm water containing Epsom salts, which is highly effective in cleansing both the body and the auric field of impurities. Similarly, regular exposure to sunlight can also help in cleansing the aura color field.



Seeking the Help of Professional Healer:

An auric healer can help you in aura healing by realigning all the energies, and removing all the negative emotional entities from your midst. This may prove to be quite effective in taking care of frequent mood swings, pessimism, and emotional imbalances that are present in individuals with impurities in their auric field.